Who are we ?


  • Birth of Idea7

    After more than a decade in Graphic arts, and as an Apple materials and picture library software reseller, Idea7 was born in Merignies, which is located in the north of France.
    Over marketing of DAM software like Canto Cumulus, our goal is to give a brand new expertise, evangelizing on the necessity of handle, organizing the digital contents that, at the time, was starting to become important.

  • Natural Evolution

    Back in 2007, Digital Asset Management was on a pretty big increasing period and we had to talk about media in the large sens of the word, meanwhile we had to deal with pictures or videos like before, we also have to with PDF and Text documents since then. We signed a partnership with Canto GmbH that make us the french distributor of Canto Cumulus solutions that answered the brand new needs and the big account customers who wanted to earn their own DAM solution.

  • And few coding lines later...

    Facing an increasement of DAM solutions incorporation requests, in 2008 and thanks to the powerful available API, we start to create few kinds of incorporation around major solutions like PIM, CRM, e-catalogue or even Auto-layout. Those incorporations are staying one of the major strongness of our know-how and expertise.

  • A single user version you say ?

    In 2010 and after 3 years of absence and talks with Canto GmbH, Single User come back to duty in way to answered the photographers or communities needs.

  • 10th anniversary

    In 2014, the Digital Asset Management market is in constant mutation and current softwares are covering pretty much of the needs in kind of automating. The small companies or communities are also interested in trying those new enjoying kind of solutions.
    At this time it was clear for us: we are going to create this new solution which will be closer to functional needs and this while staying in a competitive type of budget.
    This new project will, at the time, sign our 10th anniversary.

  • Three births

    myCocoon, in 2015 and Cocoon Group, in 2016, are born and answered at media library managing needs, in a simple and intuitive way.
    Finally In 2017, the add of Cocoon Web, our Web Portal complete the Cocoon package.

  • And tomorrow?

    In way to give an answer to all the companies, communities and professionals that are daily trusting us, we have to anticipate your needs, to be by your side in path to new Digital Markets and keep helping you by giving the best you could earn.