Cocoon is available in 2 type of verson that will get along with your work and can evolve with it.


myCocoon is a single-user software with is designed for photographers, communities and communication services that do not own significant human resources.

myCocoon allows you to archive, classify, and enhance the growing number of digital documents such as photos, videos, logos, PDF documents and text stored on your computer.

You'll save valuable time finding your media without having to re-create them and by the way avoid unnecessarily storing the same media multiple times.

Because your needs may change, the flexibility of Cocoon will allow you to sustain your solution, by evolving into a workgroup and multi-users consulting thanks to Cocoon Group.

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Cocoon Group

Cocoon Group is intended for small workgroups, businesses, communities and communication services, and will allow you to work / contribute to multiple users, thanks to its floating licenses, and view your digital documents from your macOS and Windows computers.

Cocoon Group is composed of Cocoon Server and Cocoon Client.

Cocoon Client is the software that will allow you, depending on your user authorizations, to add your medias, manage your metadata, distribute your asset to customers, providers.
As an administrator, Cocoon Admin’s interface will allow you to manage your Cocoon Group solution.

Cocoon Server is the engine in charge of the operation and exchanges between the database and Cocoon customers.

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Cocoon Web

Cocoon Web is the HTML5 portal that allow registered users, an instantly access to databases, via a standard browser - as Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge - for unlimited consultation and downloading.

Secure access (login and password) to CocoonWeb will allow you to navigate through your media thanks to the Thumbnails and Metadata Information view, which can be completely personalized according to your needs.

The researches FullText and by Categories will provide you a simple way to filter and preview your content, play videos, and view GPS coordinates of your images on GoogleMap™.

Manage your cart to control and prepare the broadcasting of your media, which can be converted on the fly in different formats with the addition of a Watermark or not.

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