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A smart way to manage all of your digital contents

Cocoon, intended tophotographers, communities, cities hall, administrations and companies, allow you to archive, valorize, manage and distribute your digital contents as pictures, videos, logos and text documents.

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Searching medias on your computer or even your hard disk is a daily task that cost you a bunch of time. Start to create your media library that you will carry for many years at your own rhythm with Cocoon.

Smart and easy

Nevermind if you are not an expert in technology. The modern, simple and smart interface of Cocoon will provide you the ability to search, visualize, manage and share your pictures, videos and other kinds of media contents.

All types of contents.

Cocoon is able to manage many kinds of formats :Image (including the RAW), videos, audios and text documents (Microsoft Office, Open Office, PDF) in a standard way, and even related metadata EXIF, IPTC, XMP, GPS coordinates.


The searching engine will allow you to use the Full Text, multi-criteria research, the category tree, in way to quickly find your documents with a natural syntax.

Customized display

Depending on your medias and your needs, you will be able to use one of the available view between, Thumbnails view, List view, Preview and display the metadata that are required depending on a pre-established order.


Many treatments by unity or package, as indexation, renaming or converting, will let you add your documents and also indexing and broadcasting them.

Web Medias Portal

Cocoon Web is a smart collaborative Web Media Portal, that will allow registered users an access to the different databases with a standard navigation software and this for an unlimited consultations right and downloading.


Cocoon solutions will give you a chance to valorize your digital heritage and taking the life cycles in consideration meanwhile being able to stay in your starting investment budget.


  • 1 writing licence
  • 1 unique user
  • unlimited bases creations
  • Manual backup

Cocoon Group

  • 2 bases writing licenses
  • Until 10 writing licenses
  • Unlimited bases creations
  • Auto backup
  • Administration interface
  • Web consulting portal
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Smart and quick navigation
  • Multiple searching ways
  • Preview of Images, Videos, PDF
  • Incorporating downloading system


Cocoon offer you simple functionnalities and intuitive tools
Whether it is for Contributors, Users or Administrators.

For contributors.

Add medias.

Classify those medias.

Enrich the metadata.


For users

Searching tools

Show / Sort / Preview the results

Convert / Download digital contents


For the administrator

Show Cocoon Server's state

Handle backup

handle the security: groups and users

Editing users reports


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